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Q. How can I apply to for The eTales Awards?

• You can use this link to register Click Here.

Q. What is the last date for participation?

•  Applications to The eTales Awards will be accepted till midnight of Thursday, February 3rd, 2017. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Q. Is it mandatory to fill all fields in the Application?

•  Yes. An applicant is required to furnish answers to all the questions. In case of insufficient data or lack of data, please mention "NOT APPLICABLE", but do not leave any blank spaces. Please furnish as much relevant information as possible for each question so it helps evaluators shortlist your application.

Q. Is there any format prescribed for calculating the market size of a startup?

•  No. Startups may use their own model of market size evaluation. Detailed working, along with sufficient explanation must be provided in the document.

Q What software formats do you accept for uploading supporting documents?

•  You can send us the Google Drive or Dropbox link

Q. Can I send the application by email or post?

•  Applications can only be submitted on our website. We will not accept applications by email or post.

Q. What is the confidentiality of information shared in the application?

•  All information shared will remain the intellectual property of the participant. The detailed terms and conditions on confidentiality and intellectual property are available on our T&C page

Q. What is the timeline for The eTales Awards?

•  The timeline and flow of awards – from application to the awards ceremony – is available on this page. Changes to the timeline, if any, will be posted on the same page

Q. Are there specific guidelines and eligibility criteria to filling the application form?

•  Yes. The eligibility criteria is available on this page.

Q. Can participants apply for multiple award categories?

•  Yes.

Q. Will submitting multiple applications improve the odds of winning?

•  There's always a chance that you may outshine competition in a category you didn't think was possible. But we have no mathematical basis to guarantee this.

Q. How will the applications be evaluated?

•  All applications will be evaluated in consultation with our Jury

Q. How will the shortlisted and winners be informed?

•  The shortlist and winners will be informed by email.

Q. Will winners of The eTales Awards be felicitated at an awards ceremony?

•  Yes.

Q. Will the shortlisted be required to make a presentation to the Jury?

•  No. Shortlisted candidates will not be required to make a presentation for the Jury or meet the Jury.

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