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The eCommerce industry is slowly finding its feet in India. Retailers, eTailers and Marketers are coming to terms with this new channel of doing business.

In order to recognize and award the very best that the Retail and eCommerce industry has to offer, in terms of practices, solutions and the people behind it… After the success of two consecutive successful editions of The eTales Awards, eTailing India has decided to host third edition of The eTales in February 2017.

These awards will celebrate the best work and the finest minds in the eTailing industry for the year gone by i.e. 2016.

It is our earnest endeavor to make these awards 'The most admired and the most coveted' in the etailing industry and to set the Gold Standard by which we judge ourselves.

These awards will be judged by a jury of the most influential people in the ecommerce space and in an environment that is fair, honest and transparent. It will encompass every segment of our industry, which will include logistics, technology providers, payment gateways, communication agencies, funding etc.​​

Award Categories

eRetailer of the Year

To recognize a leader within the eCommerce sector who has inspired their peers and made a significant long-term contribution to the industry’s vibrancy and sustainability.

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Global eRetailer of the Year

To recognize a leader within the global eCommerce, cross-border trading and omnichannel retail, who has inspired their peers and made a significant long-term contribution to the industry’s vibrancy and sustainability .

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Most Innovative eCommerce Idea

The award recognizes the most innovative eCommerce idea that recognises creative and effective retail activation, via e-commerce or m-commerce, and successful integration with traditional retail.

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Start-up of the Year

This award recognizes innovative start-ups which either offers a ground-breaking product or service, or that are using an exciting new approach to improve or disrupt a traditional market. Whatever type of business you started – tell us how great it is!.

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Pure Play eRetailer of the Year

This award admires those retailers who play legitimately online. Only the retailers who do not possess any physical shop i.e. brick and mortar, but only appear online.

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B2B eCommerce Player of the Year

Recognizing the ones who can use their skills to help other businesses grow along with their own.

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eCommerce Advertising Campaign of the Year

TThis award category facilitates the most creative, innovative and effective campaign integrated by the ecommerce portal for reaching out the masses and moving them towards ecommerce ecosystem.

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Best Campaign Using Social Media

This category rewards excellence in social media. Entries will be judged on the creative use of social platforms and a sound understanding of online consumer behaviour.

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Best Social Media Innovation

This category recognizes standout innovations that have generated buzz and awareness in record time with emphasis on utilizing digital/social platforms.

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Digital Agency of the Year

This award recognizes the pioneer in digital media world, who has demonstrated stand out leadership qualities and made significant contributions to raise the agency’s profile and standards of performance.

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Digital and Social Media Advertiser

This award is to demonstrate the creative use of digital & social media for advertising.

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Omni-Channel Brand of the Year

This award felicitates the best brand which grew with connecting with the customers through different touch points and working in synchronisation to integrate the brand seamlessly in the retail

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Young Entrepreneur of the Year

The Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognises leaders under 35 who have made a mark on their sector in the past year and those whose existing digital record sets them up to be a competitor in their market in the future.

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Best Female Entrepreneur

A company launched and led by a woman that demonstrates superior performance in its competitive space. The female founder/co-founder should be involved in the operations of the company.

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eCommerce Entrepreneur of The Year

This award compliments an Entrepreneur who recognizes the opportunity to creatively & effectively get the retail sector activated via e-commerce medium.

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Social Media Entrepreneur of the Year

This award felicitates start-ups in social media sector who succeeded in proving social media as the most effective and innovative way of marketing and performed best practices to engage audience across all social networking platforms to build successful brands.

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Best Payment Gateway Facilitator

This award felicitates the service provider in the payment category. All the payment gateways, payment merchants and service providers who help in the payment of goods and services.

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Most Efficient Delivery Network (Logistics)

This award acknowledges the outstanding achievement in the logistical delivery system and integration of best supply chain practices.

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Best Packaging Solution

This award acknowledges the outstanding achievement in the packaging solutions for Retail and eCommerce industry.

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Best Customer Relationship Initiative

This award recognizes the pioneer in CRM, who demonstrate the use of new methods and channels to improve customer retention and utilization.

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Best CSR Initiative

This award recognizes Projects or Campaigns which has effectively delivered its corporate and social responsibility objectives.

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Best Site Design & Optimization

This award category facilitates the most creative, innovative and effective site designs and visibility of the site.

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Best Mobile App Experience

This Award brings out the best app that delivers its experience in mobile with creativity, great functionality, interface and end user experience.

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Best Mobile Website Experience

The award recognizes the contribution and impact made to evolving consumer behaviour beyond traditional retail and e-commerce across industries.

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Best Mobile Start up

Deeply entrenched in the Indian startup ecosystem, mobile has brought the world to our fingertips and revolutionized the standard of communication. The eTales awards recognizes newly emerging mobile app with less than 1 million users and less then 3 years into its existence.

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Most eco-friendly and green organization

This category of awards Felicitates the outstanding contribution by an organization who works towards increasing the prevalence of renewable energy.

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Best Travel and Hospitality eCommerce Organization

This category of awards recognizes standout in the eCommerce industry providing excellent services in travel and hospitality department by challenging the traditional way while Managing Customer experience across different channels.

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Best Bootstrap Champ

The company that has shown great growth without external funding of any sort (excluding family and friends) and has the potential to scale up into a large enterprise.

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VC Fund of the Year

This award is for professional excellence and is open to all India venture capital firms and corporate venture firms that make investments in high growth companies.

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The nominations process is very simple and automated; all entries need to be submitted online.


Participation guidelines and Eligibility criteria for the nominees.

2017 Jury

These awards will be judged by a jury of the most influential people in the eCommerce space and in an environment that is fair, honest and transparent.

Ashish Jhalani
eTailing India & ISeB

Bikky Khosla

Virginia Sharma
Director, Marketing, Talent Solutions, Asia Pacific

Miten Mehta
Co-founder and Advisor
Spinta Accelerator, Inc

Vijay Jain
Co-Founder & Director

Harish Bahl
Founder & Chairman
Smile Group

Amiya Pathak
Stealth Mode Startup

Abhijeet Kumar
ah! Ventures

Sanjay Mehta
Director (CFO Community Engagement Practice):
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